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Don’t Pay for the
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In an effort to combat record unemployment insurance overpayments, state agencies penalize employers and their vendors who fail to respond accurately or timely to agency requests. Is your UI vendor shifting these costs or time burdens on to you?

Do You Have What It Takes?

Our clients see the folly of selecting a vendor based on short-sighted criteria, choosing instead to focus on long-term planning and consistent results, year after year.

Are you worried about the time you’re dedicating to managing unemployment?

Not getting the answers you need about your unemployment claims?

Do you think you’re paying unemployment claims you shouldn’t be?

Whether you’re using a vendor or handling this “in-house,” you deserve better!

Power of Partnership

Are you doing all the heavy lifting with your UI vendor or agent? Is the UI solution you were sold falling short? A truly effective unemployment management system balances technology, communication and expertise while keeping employers out of the “task loop” but always aware of their real-time activity. Accountability and responsibility should not be “value add,” but the cornerstone of a true partnership.

UTCA has a very proactive approach with their clients. Within the first month of transitioning from another unemployment vendor to UTCA, I had a much better understanding of the unemployment claims process and opportunities for improvement. UTCA’s trainings have helped us strengthen and improve our internal forms, employee documentation, and processes. Our managers and supervisors feel prepared and supported for hearings and most importantly, our agency has saved nearly $90,000. We continue to rely on their counsel and expertise. UTCA leads with integrity and exceeds our expectations.

Chief Human Resources Officer
Northeast Arc

We began working with the team at UTCA toward the end of the pandemic after having several cases of unemployment fraud. They helped us through the process of getting reimbursements and paying the correct amounts. Since then, our relationship continues to grow stronger and the support we have been provided with unique situations and hearings has been outstanding. I can’t say enough about the service we continue to receive on a daily basis.

Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
Stonehill College


UTCA always responds to our questions and requests timely and professionally. They make state unemployment seem simple!

Director of Corporate HR
TEPA Companies

Our experience with UTCA has been exceptional. They are true professionals at what they do and are always willing to go the extra mile. We can reach them easily when we have questions and can rely on their guidance. They have been our go to people for years and we can't see why anyone would use another vendor.

Director of Personnel
Endicott College

Birch did a market search for a vendor whose organizational strengths mirrored our commitment to doing things right. The decision to partner with UTCA has been a very good one. We are very pleased with their customer service standards and their ability to keep us informed and successful in managing this area of our business.

Director of HR Services
Birch Communications

Since partnering with UTCA in 2011, we have realized significant gains in unemployment cost savings, allowing us to redeploy essential funds to continue operating services for our community’s most needy. This past year, UTCA’s program returned over $19 for every $1 invested. This has greatly assisted Pine Street Inn in fulfilling our financial responsibilities and ensuring greater stewardship of funds entrusted to our organization.

Pine Street Inn

We have come to appreciate in UTCA’s consistently excellent service. They are the most solid, informed and effective professionals in the business. This is evident in their case management practices and never more obvious than in hearings. Our representatives are almost always lawyers exclusive to UTCA, with deep experience in this field. The results are clear: fewer hearings, more successes and lower costs!

Director of Human Resources
J.Polep Distribution Services

Frustrated with our UI vendor, we embarked on a nation-wide search for a service that could truly help us reduce our unemployment costs. UTCA has exceeded our savings projections. We can't afford NOT to use UTCA!

Director of HR Services
Corporate US Airways, Inc

UTCA has been an invaluable asset to our company for the last 17 years. Their professional staff is truly an extension of our HR Team and has saved us countless hours and dollars on our unemployment program! Their unlimited consulting, pro-active approach to claims management, and assistance throughout the appeal hearing process has been particularly helpful. We highly recommend UTCA.

Employment and Benefits Administrator
Gralia Group / Arbors Assisted Living

We have come to rely on UTCA to keep us informed, agile, and effective in managing our unemployment costs. As a healthcare employer, always looking to maximize our revenue, we value their management education and consulting. UTCA also provides very informative quarterly management reviews and transparent reporting to help us identify and address organizational trends early which helps improve employee retention.

Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Senior Care Group, Inc.

When we began working with UTCA, after working with another vendor, we realized how much could be done to dramatically reduce our unemployment costs. Customer service is number one with UTCA. Their highly knowledgeable staff provides prompt feedback and direction – UTCA is a reliable partner, whose opinion we value. Their reports are very helpful in understanding savings and improvement areas. Manager training provides leadership the education needed to manage the UI process more effectively. Our return on investment has been significant. We highly recommend UTCA.

Dir. Employee Relations/HR Consulting
Baystate Health Systems

UTCA has successfully eliminated one area of frustration that we had given up all hope of controlling. UTCA took clear steps on our behalf and were genuinely invested in their partnership with Peter Pan Bus Lines from day one. UTCA saves money, time and frustration!

Human Resources
Peter Pan Bus Lines
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