UTCA Featured on 21st Century Business TV Series

Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that Unemployment Tax Control Associates, Inc. (UTCA) will be featured on 21st Century Business.  

Wendy’s Restaurants – Davco, one of the largest Wendy’s chains in the country, came to UTCA because they were frustrated with service levels provided by their former vendor. Davco felt they were not kept sufficiently informed in this key cost area and had little control over the process. Since moving their business, they have witnessed a dramatic improvement at all levels of interface (restaurant and management) and significant cost/time savings. They attend fewer hearings and have a greater understanding of their role as employer and witness. Management now understands their program, including their individual and collective impact on the bottom line.

When was the last time you reviewed your unemployment program? How well does your vendor keep you informed? Do you trust or understand their explanations? Are you tired of hearing how little control you have over the payment of benefits or missed opportunities? Find out what Davco already knows about the UTCA difference.

Don’t settle for a dizzying menu of automated payroll products, when what you really need is an unemployment service!

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