Defining “Unemployed”

According to a press release published by the Nevada Attorney General’s office, a Las Vegas woman who helped an imprisoned man defraud the state’s unemployment benefits agency is now a felon herself. Why? Because she lied to the state to make it seem as though the imprisoned man couldn’t find a job and was available and able to work, when in actuality, he was incarcerated for forgery charges. Now she has been sentenced to serve 12-60 months in prison for unemployment fraud and they are both behind bars and officially “unemployed”.

Being “unemployed” does not mean that a person is automatically qualified to receive unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, we live in a world where fraud is prevalent and many people seek to take advantage of the system. That is why for over 25 years, UTCA has diligently educated and defended their clients against those who seek benefits for which they are not entitled. Contact us to see how we can help you to successfully navigate the ever-changing and often misunderstood unemployment system.

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