Honest Mistake Creates Unemployment Risk

Pennsylvania – In a recent case a worker whose employer falsely promised her health insurance benefits has won her case for unemployment benefits in the District Court.

At the time of hire, the claimant was told that she would receive fully paid health insurance coverage for herself and her spouse. A few months later management discovered that her position was not eligible for spousal coverage and that she would have to pay $950 per month for such coverage. The claimant testified that she left a job that paid more money to take the job with this employer because of the full benefits provided, and the security it provided to her family and that she was more than willing to continue her employment provided that the employer could continue to provide paid spousal insurance. As this was not an option, the claimant quit and despite the employer’s claim that they should not be penalized because they provided the benefits in error, the Court agreed with the claimant stating that she “met her burden of showing necessitous and compelling circumstances for voluntarily quitting her employment.”

This case is an important reminder for employers that even honest mistakes can create unemployment risk. Thoroughly confirming all the details in offers of employment and benefits, prior to hire, is a vital standard for all employers to uphold.

Read the Full Case Details Here: https://www.courtlistener.com/opinion/4383686/forbes-road-sd-v-ucbr/