About UTCA

A Good Consultant Teaches

As a national unemployment insurance service provider, we employ this industry’s most knowledgeable staff of unemployment insurance experts, including our own in-house legal staff, educators, claim analysts, hearing representatives and tax consultants.

Our team assists you in reducing the costs and complexities of managing your unemployment compensation programs, including unemployment tax consulting. We use a unique, preemptive approach to managing unemployment costs combined with unparalleled customer solutions that have earned us the reputation as the trusted advisor in the field of unemployment cost management.

Reducing unemployment costs cannot be achieved without first developing your ability to effectively manage the factors that drive those costs. Our commitment to your education is reflected in our logo–the teacher’s apple.

Our Mission Statement

To ensure the continued prosperity of our clients, company, and team members by leading the industry in providing unparalleled customer solutions. UTCA’s unique emphasis on proactive and preemptive strategies ensures program excellence while creating a culture of integrity and profitability.