Case Study: Balise Motor Sales

Large Auto Dealer stops on a dime, then puts their charges in reverse!

Fed-up and frustrated, Balise Motor Sales turned to UTCA in late 2011.

The first full year of service garnered incredible results: a 40% reduction in claim payments, resulting in a 2.05% tax rate reduction! The following year was even more impressive, resulting in a 61% reduction from pre-UTCA charge levels. This reduced their tax rate even further. Taking control of their charges and driving down their rates allowed this employer to quickly return substantial revenue to their bottom line.

The factors contributing to this dramatic improvement were:

  • Instituting a fully compliant claims response process, capturing more savings opportunities and first level disqualifications – not appealed!
  • Client Education Program – Produced more informed and effective stakeholders, positioning client to win more cases
  • Pro-Active, Pre-Separation Consulting. Implemented real-time interventions designed to target the source of claim payments at the management level
  • Steadfast Charge Auditing, continual protests of errant state charging

Benefits Charges ($)

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View the backstory below.

Our UI claims process led to escalating charges and higher tax rates. Not only was the impact felt financially, but also weighed heavily on our HR Department. Our decision to partner with UTCA has helped tremendously in reducing the drain on our internal resources, while providing a more successful program. More importantly, the partnership has led to a dramatic reduction of invalid claims paid and has returned revenue directly to our bottom-line!

– VP HR for Balise Motor Sales, Inc.

The Back Story:

Broke Down.

Like many employers, Balise felt helpless and ineffective in protesting their unemployment claims. Having previously used vendors with unsatisfactory results, they brought their program in house but were not satisfied, nor happy with the drain on their internal resources or outcomes. They believed the system was designed to serve claimants regardless of the separation reason. Additionally, they thought their industry and employee profile would always leave them exposed to high charges and large UI tax payouts.

Checking Under the Hood….

Consulting with the employer, UTCA identified key improvement opportunities in the initial claims response process that were leading to forfeited claims. The Human Resource and management team of this dynamic, growing dealership were experienced and capable, but needed direction and a stronger understanding of the UI process. Resetting the infrastructure to exact timely responses, complete information and documentation was critical.

Firing on all Cylinders!

Offering a unemployment-specific scope, services were implemented to meet all the data and response requirements, without burdening the employer’s staff. Leveraging UTCA’s unique processes and web-driven claim response system, the claims process was streamlined, eliminating initial-level response issues. Upon rollout, UTCA’s customized management education program was offered to expand Balise’s functional knowledge within the HR group. The result was an informed end user capable of recognizing essential pre-separation elements that directly impact claim payment! Our successful partnership has garnered extraordinary results. The successful partnership has garnered extraordinary results. (see chart above)