Client Partnerships

Because Smart Business is Good Business

Our client partnerships are not unique to any industry, segment or size. For-profit, non-profit, public and private, these employers entrust UTCA to provide the highest quality service and results. They have invested time in their market search and carefully evaluated services offered and results produced. They manage risk strategically and have well-informed, internal stakeholders. They are concerned with lowering the total cost of unemployment, and reducing tax rates and time lost to the unemployment process.

Most importantly, UTCA clients see the folly of selecting a vendor based on short-sighted criteria, choosing instead to focus on long-term planning and consistent results, year after year.

Our most successful client partnerships have been with employers that are industry leaders and demonstrate:

  • Strategic, progressive management practices
  • A proactive, learning-centered philosophy
  • Genuine customer sensitivity and passion
  • Integrity-based, ethics-driven cultures
  • Devotion to continuous improvement
  • A commitment to employees and effective talent management
  • The ability to use “total cost” purchasing metrics vs. price-only decision making

For more than 30 years, we’ve operated our business on the principle that customer-driven capitalism (placing the needs of the client over short-term profits) is the only ethical and sustainable method of growing our business.