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Our “teacher’s apple” logo reflects UTCA’s unwavering commitment to management education. A reduction in unemployment costs cannot be achieved without improving an employer’s ability to understand the issues driving those costs. As a complement to our Management Education programs, we provide UTCA’s Topic of the Month publication, National Legislative Updates and access to the online UI toolkit. Easy-to-understand and accessible program features furnish specific guidance and information to manage UI risks more successfully.

Topic of The Month

As a complement to our Unemployment Insurance Education programs, we provide our Topic of the Month publications.

National Unemployment Legislative Updates

Our quarterly unemployment insurance legislative updates provide information on new and proposed law changes, along with insight as to how the changes may impact employers on a state-by-state basis.

We also offer concise information useful for mobilizing efforts on behalf of a specific business or industry. This information is invaluable when you are implementing organizational changes to accommodate new laws, and saves you from the stress and costs associated with working on a “catch up” basis.

UTCA’s Online Toolkit

Our unemployment insurance online learning center includes a variety of documents, forms and information to keep our enrolled clients current and effective with regard to successfully reducing costs and managing your UI risks. If you need your login information, please contact us at