Cases Aren’t Carbon Copies.

Our Solutions Aren’t Either.

There are unique elements relating to each separation, reduction in force, claim or group of claims to consider for each client we do business with. We understand that behind every claim exists a real person, who has lost his or her job—and although terminating employees can be an every-day occurrence for some, it’s rarely a welcomed process.

Because we value our own employees and understand that many factors can impact upon job loss and the payment of an unemployment claim, we’ve developed our program to be sensitive to and effective in managing, the entire spectrum of issues driving claim activity.

This awareness allows us to aggressively and carefully manage the claim process—with an eye toward protecting the employer’s broader interests, without sacrificing critical service levels necessary to ensure only valid claims are paid. This balanced approach allows us to truly understand each case and bring to light information and facts typically overlooked by our competitors; having a direct impact on claim payment.

To find out more about this industry’s most effective case management service, explore the elements of our program below.

Claim Administration

  • Proprietary system allows clients to track claims from start to finish
  • Late claims, missed opportunities, and process errors are not permitted
  • Flexible, leading-edge technology allows quick and accurate processing of numerous claims

Hearing Service

  • Hearing representatives are selected by in-house legal staff
  • Pre-hearing conferences are offered by phone or in person to prepare clients
  • Preparing in advance, ensures an effective strategy and an impressive track record