Employment and Income Verification Services

Why waste time and valuable resources responding to requests for employment and income verification services? Organizations receive calls and written requests to verify employment and income whenever employees apply for a mortgage loan, credit card, auto loan, job, public assistance, etc. Responding manually is risky, costly and time consuming.

UTCA’s core focus has always been drastically reducing the cost and time dedicated to managing unemployment. While most of our industry has shifted to a bundled service approach, we sought to find experts with the same passion and expertise we embody to offer the same value. After an exhaustive search to find the highest quality Employment and Income Verification Service, we found the best solution in Vault Verify.

Through our partnership with Vault Verify, we provide a fully automated employment and income verification solution. Using Vault Verify’s secure platform, verifiers can obtain verification instantly and securely 24/7. That means no more inbound requests to you, and your employees enjoy a highly efficient service with direct control over who obtains their income data. As an additional perk, you receive shared revenue for all verified requests, turning this core HR function into a profit center.

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  • Vault Verify Benefits

    • Vetting of all requesters to ensure the safety and security of data
    • No-cost implementation using API (application programming interfaces) integration and no recurring costs
    • Free, easy-to-use employee portal that allows employees to access their own report and history 24-7
    • On-demand, real-time reporting for administrators that includes ability to see all reports and activity within the corporate account
    • Configurable verification reporting based on specific client earnings codes, instead of industry standard categories
    • Ability to deliver earnings information for up to eight recent pay periods and three-year YTD (year-to-date) information
    • Monthly revenue share that allows HR to find budget for other projects

Special Pricing

Through our partnership with Vault Verify, our clients enjoy special pricing. Contact us to learn more.

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