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Freeing Time for More Important Matters

UTCA’s Tax Management service is designed to assist employers in understanding and managing organizational opportunities for tax savings. This area of our program helps clients effectively control tax liability issues and provides guidance in matters pertaining to unemployment insurance accounts. We manage all SUI tax issues, including account administration, planning and execution at no additional charge.

Highlights of our Tax Service include:

  • Auditing and verification of Quarterly Tax reports, protesting errors to avoid overpayments and erroneous filings.
  • Verifying Tax Rate Notices, including all line-item entries, to ensure proper tax rate assignment.
  • Routing rate notices to appropriate internal company personnel for proper SUI filings.
  • Filing necessary forms and/or applications for account refunds, credits, and tax rate revisions.
  • Annual Tax Rate Projections – Illustrating the employer’s SUI account tax rate computation for the most recently completed fiscal period.
  • Voluntary Contribution ROI computations (where applicable), including a cost benefit analysis and formal recommendation to buy-down to a lower rate.
  • Due diligence consulting for merger and acquisition analysis, to include specific recommendations on acquisition terms and cost reduction strategies relating to acquired SUI accounts.
  • Merger and acquisition administration to ensure new and successor employer filings are properly submitted to avoid penalties associated with such activity.
  • Tax management planning and strategies related to reductions in force, rate impact projection scenarios, cost/savings projections and payroll planning.