Unemployment Charge Auditing

Making a List, Checking It Twice

Have you ever found an unemployment charge on your account even though the claimant was disqualified?

Were you ever shocked to see a claimant on your charge statement that never worked for you or for whom you never received a claim?

Are you unsure where or who receives your unemployment benefit charge statements?

Even prior to the pandemic, State Unemployment Agencies reported massive inaccuracies in proper benefit charging—errors can be incredibly costly to your bottom line. The pandemic has made the problem significantly worse. The sheer volume of claims has led to more errors and larger charge statements making it significantly more difficult to track and protest invalid charges.

UTCA’s UI Charge Auditing service is designed to make certain that only correct charges are made and remain against your unemployment insurance accounts. Our experienced and diligent auditors recognize charging errors commonly overlooked or not even reviewed by our competitors.

We audit all benefit charges on a continual basis and automatically protest charges when a discrepancy or error is detected. We track all protests with each state office and notify you about the outcome of each protest we submit on your behalf.

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Unemployment Insurance Charge Auditing

Leveraging the power of the AdventiaUI platform, employers can easily view and retrieve the active protest and credit status of all applicable charges. These outcomes are accurately reported to reflect charge amounts and claim categories relating to each claimant. This online claims management system provides insight on key areas related to account activity, including charges protested, liability pending, and credits issued.