Unemployment Claims Management

Cases Aren’t Carbon Copies. Our Solutions Aren’t Either.

There are unique elements relating to each separation, reduction in force, claim or group of claims to consider for each client we do business with. We understand that behind every claim exists a real person, who has lost his or her job—and although terminating employees can be an everyday occurrence for some, it’s rarely a welcomed process.

Because we value our own employees and understand that many factors can impact job loss and the payment of an unemployment claim, we’ve developed our unemployment claims management service to be sensitive to and effective in managing the entire spectrum of issues driving claim activity.

This awareness allows us to manage the claim process aggressively and carefully—with an eye toward protecting your broader interests while not sacrificing critical service levels necessary to ensure only valid claims are paid. This balanced approach allows us to truly understand each case and bring to light information and facts typically overlooked by others, having a direct impact on claim payment.

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  • Claims Administration

    We’re the only unemployment cost management partner offering a unique, time-sensitive system that tracks claims through every step of the administrative process from start to finish. Our unemployment claims management platform, AdventiaUI, allows you to monitor each claim throughout its lifecycle, as well as to view, download and print actual claim documents and notices.

    We understand the importance of prompt and accurate claims administration. Our program is designed to proactively address the often complex, time-consuming and unfortunate aspects of unemployment claims management.

    We respect the time and resources you devote to the separation process by ensuring your unemployment insurance claim efforts are not wasted. Late claims, missed opportunities and process errors are unacceptable outcomes at UTCA—and should be for any unemployment vendor.

  • Processing Unemployment Claims

    To avoid process issues that could result in overpayments, we have several options to allow you to accurately furnish separation and wage information:

    • AdventiaUI allows you to securely transmit claimant-specific separation data, wage information, pertinent documents and separation details.
    • For added efficiency, secure data feeds can be implemented to reduce the administrative burden of sharing separation data. UTCA can work with you to create a practical, useful file format regardless of the payroll or HRIS system your company uses.
    • Human interface shouldn’t be a lost art! Some claims and separations will never fit in a text box or data field. UTCA’s dedicated claims staff will always be available via phone or email to work with you to fully understand all the elements of every claim.

    Our system is flexible, allowing us to accurately process a high volume of claims with quicker turnaround, avoiding late claims and ensuring:

    • Preservation of appeal rights
    • Complete and accurate employer response at the initial determination level
    • Significantly reduced initial claim payments (critical for self-funding employers)
    • Fewer hearings
    • Higher overall claim savings and program efficiency