Unemployment Hearing Representation

The Best Offense Is a Good Defense

We believe (and data proves) employers shouldn’t expose themselves to an unemployment hearing without the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced hearing representative. At the very least, attendance should not be without the benefit of a thorough pre-hearing conference (PHC).

Hearing Representatives

Our experienced staff provides oversight regarding the unemployment hearing representation you are assigned based upon your individual issues and the demands of each case. We use strict evaluation criteria when selecting representatives, establishing this industry’s highest standards. In addition, we ensure service levels are maintained and benchmarked through our continuous post-hearing survey process, under the direct supervision of our legal staff.

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  • Pre-Hearing Conferences

    Although we do not recommend attending hearings without an unemployment hearing representative, some employers decide forgo representation and instead use our valuable pre-hearing conference. We will conduct a PHC with all identified witnesses in person or by telephone, well in advance of the hearing date, at no additional cost to you.

  • Unemployment Hearing Process

    We work with you throughout the unemployment insurance hearing process. We prepare witnesses and develop case strategy well in advance, using the best practices we developed that have gained the respect and endorsement of many in the legal community.

    Our team always discusses the case with you on the day of the hearing. We ensure witnesses are fully prepared and understand their role prior to and throughout the appeal process. Consequently, our clients enjoy an impressive track record on cases appealed.