Unemployment Insurance Consulting

Unemployment claim determinations can sometimes be frustrating or discouraging, but one thing is true. The facts that determine whether or not an unemployment claim is paid or not are set before that claim is ever filed.

UTCA allows you direct access to our team to help make sure the steps taken before separating an employee aid in the unemployment process (should a claim be filed). Our experienced team and in-house legal staff provide proven, field-tested guidance—directly impacting the facts and factors most commonly resulting in claim payment. Designed for today’s fast-paced and risk-averse market, our unemployment insurance pre-separation consulting supports your efforts to interact with employees in a positive, clear and effective manner.

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Whenever possible, we encourage you to consult with us prior to reductions in force, so we may assist in managing the process strategically across your entire organization. You’ll then find you can streamline the unemployment process internally, reducing costs while executing a well-organized program for displaced employees. Planning in this area helps prevent fallout from poorly executed layoffs, while providing you with time and efficiency savings.

We offer unlimited consultation to our clients at no additional cost. There are no hourly or retainer fees. You get real-time access to our consulting team, so they assist you with managing employee issues that may result in UI liability.

We stand ready to provide clear, concise guidance through our time-sensitive, custom-fit approach. Asking for help has never been easier!