Unemployment Insurance Education

Our Management Education program—praised by clients, employer organizations and many respected legal and management professionals—is the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

Successful unemployment cost management cannot be achieved without first developing your ability to effectively manage the factors that drive those costs. Our highly customized unemployment insurance education programs can be presented on-site, off-site or via web delivery. Our unemployment insurance training programs are offered to full program clients at no additional cost.

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To provide ongoing learning, we offer a dedicated area of our website for Client Learning. In addition, we issue our Topic of the Month publication for clients, which reviews workplace situations that can result in UI liability. Through this publication, you receive additional clear, succinct and practical guidance to assist in your efforts to manage workplace issues driving claim costs.

Because learning never stops, we also work to continually educate employers when costly patterns of liability are detected to provide case-specific feedback and advice. Recommendations may involve changes at the supervisory level to manage the separation process more effectively, targeting avoidable cost issues, or broader guidance regarding policy implementation or recommendations to change problematic terminology or enforcement.