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What do Prisoners & Millionaires Have in Common?

First, a warm up question: Who takes longer to find work after filing for unemployment compensation, Millionaires or Prisoners? This is actually a trick question because prisoners don’t qualify for unemployment.  Prisoners, by being incarcerated, fail to meet the standard of “ready for work” or “actively looking for work.” Yet, unemployment has been paid to prisoners, sparking a nation-wide crackdown on such fraudulent payments.  Millionaires are another story.  Hey, who isn’t ready or actively looking to be hired as a Millionaire?   How many Millionaires “qualified” for unemployment benefits when the financial markets hit the skids during the recent Great Recession?  Even in the face of separation packages in the millions of dollars, many institutions paid out unemployment benefits to very high wage earners.  Despite the clamor over the unemployment  insurance expenses for these two groups, the slowest legal group of claimants to return to work, and the receivers of the largest proportion of overpayments in the unemployment system constitute a third group; the Average Claimants whose household made under $50,000 per year. The majority of unemployment insurance payments – around 70 percent — go to these households, a figure recently reported by Bloomberg. Here’s a math test: If in any given year there happen to be 1,000,000 Average Claimants  (households earning under $50k) who happen to misfile beneficially and are consequently overpaid by $1,000 each, then how much systemic overpayment is that? That’s right. One billion dollars. Indeed, Department of Labor Statistics estimates that in 2012 overpayments nationally topped $4.8 billion. The waste basket was already full.

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Achieving Unemployment Savings & Good Corporate Citizenship

Isn’t this an oxymoron? The reality: Successful organizations aggressively and proactively manage their unemployment program and costs. They are engaged and knowledgeable as to trends and key data points ultimately impacting their unemployment spend, and then mobilize to make timely adjustments.  Indeed, employers who keep a keen eye on unemployment cost by maximizing effective solutions (UTCA… smile) for managing those costs strategically and in response to claim activity ARE good corporate citizens!  How could that be?

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UTCA Announces New Tag-Line to Reflect Growing Role

UTCA (Unemployment Tax Control Associates, Inc.) announced a change to their long-standing tag-line, the hallmark of their business philosophy, reflecting their commitment to client education.

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