Unemployment Insurance Services

The Difference is in the Details

Within the unemployment claims management industry, it is understood that in order to protect an organization from unwarranted claim costs, the most effective measures an employer can implement must occur before the employee has separated.

Despite this knowledge, our competitors remain committed to reactive service models and are unable to address the source of avoidable claim costs. We take a different approach to unemployment cost control.

Our unemployment insurance services include:

20/20 Hindsight

Our competitors think being proactive amounts to budgeting for inevitable cost increases and surrendering to the economy or state adjustment factors. The truth is, highly automated; de-centralized systems struggle just to meet response deadlines and standards and overpayments happen with alarming frequency. Data-driven payroll products—designed to simply monitor claim activity and cost data—offer very little in the way of intervention or true cost control.

When it’s all said and done, all these programs really provide is hindsight, which we all know is 20/20.

Our Approach to Reduce Unemployment Costs

Since 1990, we have provided truly proactive unemployment cost control services and introduced this industry’s most reliable key metrics and benchmarks available. We do far more than mirror data generated from prior periods of labor and unemployment activity. We help identify and target cost drivers, then work closely with you to develop solutions for reducing them.

When other employers are budgeting for rate increases and cost overruns, the majority of our clients experience rate reductions and cost-savings across the board.*

Nonprofit employers can generate direct savings through significant reductions in total benefits paid. You can achieve this without enrolling in risky, market-based trust fund programs with questionable administrative fees and subjective rating criteria. Properly controlled UI programs can be self-funded, allowing you to isolate your individual liability and reallocate savings to more mission-critical areas of your organization.

*Actual net charge reductions and/or rate assignments verified with state agencies.