Unemployment Updates

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Unemployment Insurance Changes

These regular unemployment updates are written by our team to help you stay current with UI industry trends and changes.


This past July, the State of New York created and issued the IAS, known as the Interest Assessment Surcharge to all UI tax paying employers. The rationale for doing so was to generate monies to pay the existing outstanding federal interest payment due at the end of...

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Don’t let your vendor shift the blame

Do your reports look like this? Actual data from another vendor report: Missing Separations 325 % of Claims Processed 41.04% Potential Liability $1,995,528.39 Separation Info Requested – No Response 118 % of Claims Processed 14.9% Potential Liability $687,358.37...

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State Unemployment Maximum Claim Guide

If you're an employer, the stakes just got higher! Consistent with UTCA’s ongoing efforts to keep our clients current on increasing UI claims costs, we have prepared a quick reference document of nationwide maximum claim potential liability. Generally, traditional...

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National Unemployment Legislative Update

Constant Change in Nationwide UI Landscape     Pandemic-fueled federal and state mandates have drastically affected Unemployment law, policy and regulations since March of 2020. As state administration, legislators and UI agencies come to grips with the...

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Massachusetts UI Solvency and Tax Rate Increase Update

What’s Happened? It’s been an action-packed two weeks for UTCA! Many Massachusetts employers are still coming to terms with the grim unemployment tax escalations they are experiencing. If you are not yet aware of the issue, you can read our previous post here. We...

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APRA and unemployment – what employers need to know!

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021  Act has passed.  You've now sifted through all the articles about the third stimulus check and I'm sure your mind goes to the next most exciting question.....which unemployment provisions were affected?! Many of the provisions...

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More Weeks, More Charges and the $600 Question

As employers continue to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic, the CARES Act has provided a tremendous amount of optimism. UTCA has been diligently providing insight to clients, non-clients, human resources and industry associations as they all pose their unique...

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