Using a UI Vendor

Is Your Unemployment Vendor Falling Short?

Unemployment Claims Management services can go by many names. Vendors, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) or “Solutions”. The labels they carry can vary as greatly as the service they deliver. Managing unemployment is frustrating, time-consuming and costly enough. Unfortunately, aligning with the wrong vendor can actually make the process more challenging. Unresponsive representatives, missed claim opportunities, unclear reporting and rising charges or tax rates can make you feel like you’re babysitting the service you entrusted to make your life easier.

Since 1990, UTCA has existed to change these unfortunate industry trends. We strive to create committed partnerships with all our clients, putting their needs first, not our profit margins. Our client-specific processes are thoughtfully designed to ensure you’re never overburdened while resting easy knowing that every opportunity you have to reduce unemployment charges is being maximized.

Partnering with UTCA can significantly reduce the stress put on your HR department or administrative staff.

Here’s what you can expect:

More Time

Now more than ever, HR and business leaders are trying to do more with less. Priority projects and key initiatives are getting pushed when having to grapple with real-time, unpredictable unemployment response tasks. Gathering critical details and data in timely fashion while responding to your unemployment vendor takes precious time away from the projects you needed to complete YESTERDAY. If your vendor is creating additional steps, requesting redundant information they should already have, the UI process can become more cumbersome than it needs to be.

UTCA works with you to create a practical, effective system that takes you out of these pesky task loops with improved claim outcomes. Thoughtfully designing communications and data sharing capabilities ensures the heavy lifting is on us. Focus on your core competencies, we’ll focus on ours (saving you time and money)!

More Insight

Are you making the effort to respond to your vendor, but have no real sense of what’s actually happening to your unemployment account? All to often employers can feel like their have vendors offer little or no insight as to what the status of their unemployment claims, decisions or charges actually are. Worse yet, requested updates aren’t responded to clearly or at all.

Partnering with UTCA allows you to access up-to-date claims status with the current disposition of every claim filed. Current determinations, hearing decisions or critical documents can be readily accessed with our online claims management platform, AdventiaUI. Your dedicated account analyst keeps you informed of every action item throughout the life cycle of every claim and the decision process is always collaborative. You’re never “in the dark” or left without the answers you need!

More Savings

Have you watched helplessly as your unemployment benefit charges have increased or remained high? For profit employers see this trend resulting in rising unemployment tax rates. Reimbursable non-profit employers can feel the burn by larger direct benefit payments. Is your unemployment vendor able to identify or recommend realistic strategies to reduce these costs?

UTCA seeks to clearly understand the unique cost-drivers and opportunities that exist with every client partnership. Properly understanding your organization’s workforce dynamics and processes is paramount in designing a cost savings program that produces real results. This client-centric approach generates dramatic cost savings with an average ROI of $23 dollars saved for each $1 invested. First year benefit charges consistently run from 40 to 55% reductions. Read our case studies to learn more.