UTCA Pledge

A Time-Honored Promise

Since 1990, we have honored the UTCA pledge to provide the best service in our industry by focusing on the client, first and foremost. Our growth has always been organic, intelligent and selective, so as not to compromise our integrity, service levels or outcomes. This ensures critical resources aren’t stretched too thin to meet client needs, and enables us to ensure that promises made are promises kept.

At UTCA, we know our time-honored commitment to integrity and passion, while always serving the client’s best interests, is the only truly effective and sustainable business model in our industry.

Apples to Apples

Our competition has a different vision of what a national vendor should be. It’s obvious when looking at their emphasis on market share, bundling and acquisition. Too often, unemployment management services are an afterthought. They are packaged as a suite of “workforce solutions” or add-ons to other services such as payroll or HRIS platforms. The focus on unemployment cost management is an aside, and the service is sold at a loss while including highly lucrative services such as income and work verification services. The result is a less strategic, commoditized unemployment product focused on “throughput” but not real results. Providers offering a menu of highly automated, data-driven, payroll products cannot compete with the results generated by a specialized unemployment service.

Avoid the embarrassment and high cost of discount vendors who offer the same “solutions” and low pricing that resulted in unprecedented customer dissatisfaction (see NY Times article Contesting Jobless Claims Becomes a Boom Industry).