Account Information: Always Within Reach.

In keeping with our client-focused business philosophy, we provide an exclusive online claims management application designed to quickly advance the client’s understanding of their unemployment activity.

Clients using this system can easily access account data and claim-specific information for each state unemployment account serviced. End users have the ability to review, print and save claim information on a granular or organizational level, with detailed or top-line reporting made easy.


  • Reports accessed online can be customized to include specific fields (branch location, manager, work site, etc.) selected by the client.
  • Clients can filter reports by a specified date and/or data range, including annual and quarterly activity reports.
  • Custom-tailored reports, providing management with key analytics useful in their efforts to target and reduce costs.

Simple, Yet Flexible

  • No guessing or sorting through useless and confusing information! Reports plainly summarize claim, hearing, charge, and savings data.
  • Reports issued by UTCA reflect the correct fiscal year for each state, while allowing custom date ranges. This means clients can see how our service affects their assigned tax rate in any given rating year or fiscal period.
  • Tax and strategic reporting is provided at no additional cost and is generated on an as-needed or requested basis.