Ahead of the Curve.

Focused on continuing to lead the industry, we’ve designed our services to provide key elements and features not available elsewhere in the marketplace. The unique and proactive nature of our program generates true, bottom-line savings for our clients—often realized in reduced tax rate assignments, the avoidance of tax increases or reduced benefit charges (self-funding employers).

UTCA helps employers anticipate and avoid cost-generating UI issues which could result in additional liability and a drain on critical resources. We furnish customized, effective solutions based upon each employer’s risk profile. Can you see the road ahead?

Management Education

Our Management Education program; praised by clients, employer organizations and many respected legal and management professionals — is the cornerstone of our business philosophy!


Our experienced team and in-house legal staff provides proven, field-tested guidance to our clients—directly impacting upon the “facts and factors” most commonly resulting in claim payment.